Do what is right!!!

Images20180423_191419There was a man who employed a soldier to watch over his house in the night. The soldier’s work was clearly stated to him, “your work is to watch over the house.” This man resumed his work and performed his duties even beyond the expectation of his boss.
On a fateful day, the soldier was carried away and he slept off not only that, he had a dream. The following day, the boss set on a journey but the guard stopped him as he was about to leave the house for the journey. He told him not to travel for the journey; he said I had a dream that the journey will not be a good one. As he was persuading the boss not to go for the journey, the boss response to the guard’s persuasion was shocking he sacked the guard. The guard started begging him to consider him, but the boss refused, people that came with the guard to beg the boss had done their best to seek for forgiveness on behalf of the guard and the boss still refused, they asked the boss why he sacked someone trying to do him a favour. He replied them; his job is to guard the house and not to sleep not to talk of having a dream.
This is not only talking about sleeping on duty, it is a reminder. What are the things that you ought to do at your work place that you are not doing? Some people gossip when they ought to be working. When the boss corrects them, they get angry. There are people that are not always on their seat when their bosses need them. They do the wrong thing at the wrong time and they do not like to be corrected. What about those that ought to work but are busy taking pictures they will upload on social media. This is a call for everyone to do proper check-up before entering the new week. Do not sleep when you have to watch, have a great week and make sure you do the right thingImages20180423_191419

Just Like The Stars.

An eleven years old girl was coming with her mum from church on a fateful evening. It was late in the evening already, as they were going home, she noticed something; it was dropping of a star. It looked strange to her and she quickly called the attention of her mother to it as it was dropping like a drop of coal of fire. The mother calmed her and told her that when a star drops, it means an important person or powerful person is dead.
According to her mother, that is what her grandmother told her when she was young. The girl was not bothered about the drop of the star anymore but rather, she was looking up to see if the space that the star left was still there. She noticed that immediately another star had occupied the space. That is exactly who we are, “Just like stars, no need for comparison.”
If we had taken our time to watch the stars in the sky, we will realize that we have different kind of stars in the sky. They come in different sizes and time; they also have different work they perform up there. Some come out early in the evening while everywhere is still bright. Some come out late in the evening when everywhere is dark. Some are big aside the ones known as satellites and some are small and tiny.
Some go in early and some will still be twinkling in the sky until morning. That is exactly how people are in the family, church and society as a whole. We have different abilities that make each of us so unique from one another. That is why there should not be room for comparison, comparing yourself with either your brother or sister, friends or colleagues. We have our season and our different abilities.
After all, God compared Abraham’s children with the stars. In the book of Gen 15:5b, “If thou be able to number them (stars): so shall thy seed be.” His seed as the stars means they will be many like the stars, have different strengths/weaknesses and abilities. So why do you have to compare yourself with others when you have your own strength and ability?
However, parents have a lot to do since education starts from home. As a parent, do not angrily put your children down by comparing them with their siblings? Can you remember times that you have compared your child/children with your friends’ children? Do you care to know the damage that those comparisons you made that time have done to your children?
Parents’ work is to encourage their children no matter how slow the child is moving, do not compare your child /children’s strength with others out there. Build your children to compete with himself/herself to see how he/she can do better than yesterday. Stop creating jealousy and hatred among the youths with your attitude of comparison.
Always remember that where one is not good, the other person will fill the gap. Just like that dropping star replaced immediately it dropped, everybody is unique in his/her own way and parents should always see and train their children like that. No matter their weaknesses, no matter their mistakes, your prayers keep them going.
In addition, to the youth, that you are not where your friends are now does not mean that you will not get there. Your season is different from theirs, stop forcing yourself to belong to where you are not. Be focused on where you are heading to and be the best version of yourself. See yourself as that unique star where God place you and you will never feel intimidated by anyone wherever you find yourself.
Because you are that shining, tiny star that is not noticed now does not mean you will not last until morning. People notice the morning stars more than the many stars that fill the sky in the night. The sky is so wide that none of the many stars collides in the sky. It means that in midst of many stars; you can twinkle more than others can without disturbing anyone. The sky is the earth while God has placed each one of us on the earth to fulfil different purposes
“Just Like The Stars In The Sky, No Room For Comparison.”

Your Loss, Your Gain.

Images20180408_065024 My mum used to rear chickens long time ago. She used to care for the chicken especially when they fall sick, mum would go to the extent of buying medicine for the chicken and use it for them so as to get well. Miraculously, the chickens used to get well after using the medicine.

There was a time that all the chickens fell sick at the same time they refused to respond to treatment. They started dying and of course, mum felt so bad. I went to her when she was still treating one of the dying chickens and she saw it on my face that I was feeling bad too. Mum told me, “The death of her chickens is not actually loss, it means there is an evil that is coming to her or the family and the death of the chickens have taken away”.

It means whenever you think you lose a thing, it’s for a purpose. It’s either an evil has been averted in the process of losing it or it’s for something better that’s coming on the way. As we enter the new week, let’s have this in mind “Your loss is your gain”. Have a lovely week I-fam.
Story by: Insight
Title: Your Loss, Your Gain.
Moral Lesson: Don’t feel sad over whatever you lose, it can be a way of averting evil or getting the best.

What If…….

I entered a class to test the students’ ability on their previous lesson, as I asked questions I noticed Mike was putting in his best to answer my questions. Even when I did not call him, he stands up to try though he may not be sure of the answer, he endeavours to say something.
Mike is a boy who has a high confidence and is determined to answer all questions without having any fear of been correct or incorrect. He has the “I Can” spirit, even when his classmates were making fun of the wrong answers he was giving to the questions, he never got discouraged.
On the other hand, John is a very brilliant boy with a cool spirit. As others were struggling to answer the questions they were asked, he kept quiet. Sometimes, it looked like he was trying to make a move to raise his hands but  later he would draw back. Immediately, I noticed his fear as he refused to raise his hands.
Having so much interest in his attitude, I asked the students another question and this time, the question dealt with reasoning and none of them was giving the right answer.
Noticing the attitude in poor John again, as he motioned to raise his hand and then change his mind  lacking the confidence to give his opinion, I called him and to everyone’s amazement, he got it solving the question in a very understandable and simpler way. I called him, asking him why he was so reluctant to raise his hand. He said, “What If They Laugh At Me If I Didn’t Give The Right Answer?”

Can you remember times when you have been making a move and because you have been feeding yourself with “What If” I failed lies you give up? This is one of the biggest lies that a timid mind feeds you with when you have the battle of the mind and you are confused on what decision to make.
This is the time to take your stand, face the battle and win. It is not the time to listen to “What If I Never Made It”, that is the thought of weaklings. Stand with the voice of “I CAN” from this moment, this is the voice of  Champions. Be like Mike and not like John, if you were like John, it’s not too late to be Like Mike.

No more “WHAT IF”, it’s “I CAN”





Valiant For The Truth ( Karma Saga)……..
Read the previous part yet? If no, follow this link to understand the story:
          How easy it is to always believe what we see rather than what our heart tells us. Maybe if the teacher’s had listened to their heart, the real culprit would have been caught. They were fooled with what they saw in Jodie, as the trustworthy student they’ve always believed in, they took the wrong person as the thief. We need to see beyond what we see so as not to be deceived, just the way we need to listen more to our heart.
          After some months, Jodie’s truthful victim left the school because she could no longer bear the shame. The students made jest of her on daily basis and she reported to her mum, her mum decided to change her school. Now, Jodie was finally free from guilt; she walked freely without seeing her friend’s face that use to remind her of the sin she committed. The atmosphere was cleared without any feelings of guilt.
          Years later, Karma caught up on Jodie. When the one she trusted so much turned against her, all her hard work was snatched away from her through lies that was planned against her. She lost her job, her marriage, and her lovely siblings’ care and affections. She was going from one place to another to cover up her shame, She felt extremely lonely.
          Life has it own way of turning the tables around and make it look like its really your evil deeds that caught up with you. Meanwhile, Whatever happened to Jodie could have happened even if she didn’t involve in such acts for life is not a bed of roses but because she has done an act that is similar to what was happening to her, it’s definitely karma. Another reason why one should stay away from doing something wrong against people, to be at peace with your present.
          What goes around surely comes around. This time around, Jodie’s mum was no more to give her support as mother, which made it more difficult for her to handle. Jodie’s siblings that were to fill in the gap of her mother were against her as well. This is the time she felt what her friend would have felt years back.
          It might be too long for karma to catch up on people for their evil deeds, but sooner or later, it eventually does. Like it is in the case of Jodie, her mum was no more to help her up now that karma has shown up. Though, her mum was the excuse for Jodie’s failure to be valiant for the truth then. Now, no peace of mind for her as she searched for her best friend for forgiveness, but she’s nowhere to be found.
          When in the act, Jodie enjoyed every part of it ’cause she felt cool about it. She never knew that it was just for a moment while the consequence is a lifetime scar.

Parents, stand for the truth and make sure the children learn how to stand strongly for the truth so that the children will not deviate from standing for the truth.


 Jodie was 8 years old when she was in primary four, she was a very lovable Girl in her school. Being a beautiful, bright and intelligent girl in school with the fact that she’s also a teacher’s daughter, everyone loves her. She smiles a lot and most of the students in school love to be her friend. I’ve not mentioned that if there’s any official errand in school, teachers and even the head teacher gladly send her because of the trust they have in her and since she’s intelligent.
          One faithful afternoon, she was sent to lead a group of student to a teacher’s house for a special purpose. The teacher handed over her house keys to her and was instructed to look over the group of students so as not to take anything in the house.
          She was doing her coordinating work until she walked to the sitting room and found a bowl of fried meat on the dinning table since the Dinning table is at the entrance of the sitting room. She pretended not to see the meat in the first instance, then, she moved closer. She was tempted to touch the meat and the touch led her to eating one.
           After all, nobody saw her, she cleaned her mouth and went back to her coordinating work. Her mind was very much in contact with the meat, so, she went back subsequently to eat the meat. It struck her at a point that what she was doing was stealing and that was when the meat has gone down almost to the half of the bowl. She felt like a thief and didn’t want to be called one since she has been everybody’s favourite in school.
            Quickly, she called one of the students to come and taste the meat. The student followed her to taste the meat not because she wanted to but because the offer came from the people’s favourite. Little did she know what Jodie was trying to do. She wanted an accomplice so as to turn the crime on the accomplice head and she will be free from the disgrace and punishment.
          Jodie thought in her mind that, the pieces of meat that have been eaten are more than what two people could have stolen. She decided to influence another person to take out of the meat but this time around, the student refused. After the work was done, everybody left and Jodie called the other two students. She told them to cover up for her whenever the issue of meat would be raised. The one that ate with Jodie agreed partially while the other one that refused disagreed, All this happened on Friday.
          During the weekend, Jodie was bold enough to tell it to her mum. Mum felt disappointed and started asking question like, don’t you eat meat in this house? Funny enough, Jodie ate meat that morning before leaving for school. It showed on mum’s face that she couldn’t face the disgrace if the whole school know about Jodie, a teacher’s daughter stealing meat. This answered Jodie’s question of if she could tell the truth to the teacher or not.
          On Monday morning, the teacher called Jodie the leader of the group and asked her about the bowl of meat. Jodie denied it and accused the two girls of stealing the meat. She was asked to call the two girls, she went but on their way coming she told them to cover up for her by accepting the accusation. The other girl told her that she has told her mum the truth about the matter and her mum will join them any moment from now.
          Hearing this, Jodie was restless and feeling heat from inside. But still stood her ground that she won’t tell the truth so as not to disgrace her mum. On getting to the teacher’s office, they met the girl’s mum there defending her daughter and telling the truth that her daughter has told her earlier. As soon as Jodie stepped into the discussion, she said she knows nothing about the meat but she saw the other two girls eating the meat.
         Everybody believed Jodie even though the one that was telling the truth cried so hard for people to believe her. Her mum shouted so high to make people believe her daughter, but the teachers believed Jodie because she has been going for errands and never did something like that before. What a Valour of truth Jodie would have been, but her mum never gave her the courage.
          Even in a world that always try to make us what we are not, in the world that it’s influence is so hard on us and we struggle to be ourselves. Never forget to remain valiant for the truth. The world Is round which makes it a circle, life is whatever goes around comes around ( two semicircle that form a circle). Stand for the truth no matter what the consequence looks like. Next post will be talking about the consequence of Jodie’s behaviour (story based on true life story).
Till then, remain valiant for the truth.

After The Storm…….

An Elephant and a dog became pregnant at same time. Three month done the line, the dog gave birth to six puppies. Six month later the dog was pregnant again, and 9month later it gave birth to another dozen puppies. Six month later the dog was pregnant again, and 9month later it gave birth to another dozen puppies.

The pattern continued. On the eighteenth month, the dog approached the elephant questioning, “Are you sure that you are pregnant”? We became pregnant on the same date, I have given birth 3times to a dozen puppies and they are now grown to become big dogs, yet you are still pregnant. What’s going on?

The elephant replied, “There’s something I want you to understand, what I am carrying is not a puppy but an elephant. I only give birth to 1 in 2years. When my baby hits the ground, the earth feels it. When my baby crosses the road, the human being stop and watch in admiration, what I carry draws attention. So what i’m carrying is mighty and great.

With this story, I want to encourage you that you shouldn’t lose faith when you see others receiving answers to their prayers. Don’t be envious of others testimony. If you haven’t received your own blessings, don’t despair. Say to yourself “my time is coming, and when it hits the surface of the earth, people shall yield in admiration.

Life can be difficult sometimes, especially when one is passing through the dark period. To see the light at the end of the tunnel seems so impossible and sometimes the whole situation will be so cloudy that it’s as if the connection with the greatest one above is not felt.

Yet, don’t lose hope because after rain there is a rainbow, after every storm there is calm, after the night there is a morning , and after an ending, there is a new beginning. Your miracle is on its way and it will shake the surface of the earth.

I’ve been encouraged with this letter I am sending to you right now and i’m encouraging you with it as well. I believe you are encouraged with it. Have a blessed moment and a despair free week.